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Dream Green Project 

The primary goals of the Dream Green project is to maintain and increase services, quality, or community engagement for a healthy, hunger-free community.


The Dream Green Project has formed a collaborative effort for the purpose of growing and raising crops in water instead of soil while also raising fish. The basic cycle of aquaponics is fish are in the water to make waste. The waste is broken down by the microbes in the water to form a type of nitrogen known as nitrate to fertilize the plants. From there, the waste which didn’t get broken down works as plant food. The plants clean the water for the fish to live in a healthy environment in return.  The Collaborating organizations includes: Sierra Vista 1st Church of God in Christ, Lowe's, and Sulphur Springs Valley Eletric Coop. 




Goal 1 Specific – Help for Healthy Eating, Food Preservation and Energy Efficiency.

Goal 2 Measurable – Help families identify losses and track actual savings through energy audits and follow-up.


Goal 3 Achievable – Help Families save their housing through partnering with the community – landlords, business and utility companies and our Food Bank


Goal 4 Desirable - An aquaponics greenhouse to expand our food production for year-round output- We are seeking funding for construction and equipment

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